Why Production Part II


And I'm back....so where were we? Yes, I get to Daystar and find out that I actually don't qualify for the course I applied for...a degree in Business Administration. Mazematics had once more won and I needed to pick a new course. Let's rewind a bit. So why did I want to study Business Administration? Dad and I have always been close and we talked about me studying business and working with him in the family. He has always been business-minded and he's worked hard and done well for himself and I guess being his only baby girl he did hope we would build an empire together. That dream is not dead though because although I didn't pursue a Bachelors's degree in Business Administration, I would later attain an MBA from the University of South Wales in the UK.

That dream is not dead though....

Where was I? Yes, so I've been asked to pick a different course and I have no idea what to pick. Luckily, the administrator who was assisting was really good. She looked through my grades and suggested I pursue a degree in Communications. She explained to us what the course entailed and the work prospects that come with it. We were sold! From that moment, I knew that I wanted to specialize in electronic media because what is better than being on TV? I was going to be the biggest....the baddest...the most beautiful badass TV host. 

That NEVER happened!

My Journey at Daystar

I really enjoyed my journey at Daystar. I was scared at first because I had never been so far from home. I missed my parents but also enjoyed the independence that came with being on my own. I met many people some of who are still good friends to date. But most importantly, I got a really good education...the quality was unmatched and I'm grateful for that.

Also, I lost 18 kg in a record eight months while I was studying at Daystar. That is a story for another day. Waaaah! I should probably write a book titled 'The Fat Girl Chronicles'....LOL!

I also had a crush on a very handsome man...we'll call him 'Tito' for the purposes of this blog. That guy was everything a sane woman would want. He was handsome, he smelled so good, his height was perfect for me and he was saved and a student of Theology...WHAT? Mtu mmoja being that perfect? I was helplessly in love and he was so good to me until the day he informed me that God had shown him who his future wife would be and it wasn't me. I was crushed... I thought I'd die from the heartache. To heal my heart I discovered 'disco' and other things LOL....I healed...big time. Looking back I'm glad God spoke to him because I would probably have missed the chance to be with my partner today. 

Thanks to Daystar, I've had the opportunity to work as a Producer for KTN and NTV. I have done some consultancy for shows that have aired on TV stations countrywide including Lebanon. I have produced documentaries for NGO's, Banks, Parastatals, governments....and I'm still going.

To answer the question 'Why Production?', it has given me purpose. I love telling stories of people who have overcome tremendous challenges to be where they are. Stories of brave individuals making an impact in society. Connecting those in need and those with the ability to help. 

My stories might not change life for the better for everyone but they start with making a difference for one person, then another, and another. I don't know how many days I have under the sun but I'll keep sharing these stories and hope that by the time I breathe my last, I will have added value to people's lives. 

This is why I do what I do....