Why Production?


Happy new year good people! Or is it too late to say that? I hope you're all fantastic. So, I decided to start blogging. I have written many articles for websites, blogs, and other online platforms but for some reason I didn't think I would ever publish my own blog. But I like a challenge and I hope that the stories I share will resonate with you...or at least make you laugh. In my line of work as a producer, I have met many people who honestly don't understand what I do and why I choose to do it. Growing up I didn't even know producers existed. In the '80s and early '90s, all we cared about were the presenters; the faces we saw on TV. People paid little to no attention to the heroes who work behind the scene. So here is the story of how I ended up in production.

Growing Up

I was raised in a strict home by teachers. My parents valued education above all else. Wait, I've lied. They valued Salvation above all else but that's a story for another day. The point is, education was very important and my two brothers and I were expected to perform. And by performing I mean anything below position 3 was a disgrace. I'm the only girl and I was not damn but I was not as bright as my two brothers. They were 'A' students...I was....well...NOT. After Highschool, I scored a B- and was accepted at Kenyatta University to study something to do with Art. I don't remember the Course-name. My mother studied at KU and I think she was traumatized so no way would she allow me to join the school. I've never asked her why she was against KU but maybe it's for the same reasons the singer of  'mtoto wangu akiitwa KU nitakataa'...

Dad on the other hand wanted his baby girl to be safe from all types of evil...especially 'Mafisi'. Going to a University close to home was his preference. I loved Bio and Chem in High School and was a top student in the two subjects. I had hoped to study Medicine or a Course in the Medical field but 'Mazematics' Wueh! I almost got a present for not scoring an E. My dad presented me with the option of bridging Maths at JKUAT but I know me. Mimi na numbers hatupatanangi. 

Option 2 was USIU. Remember dad wants baby girl close to home so that she can commute and stay safe from all Mafisi. The day dad went to get information on the application at the University, he found two 'youngings' kissing right next to his car. That was it! USIU was immediately disqualified. As much as he hated the idea of me being far away from him, there was only one option; A Christian University....Daystar in Athi River. Being a Church Minister he was sure I would be safe there because Christian men are not 'Mafisi'. (LMAO) After all, one of the requirements when applying was writing a testimony to demonstrate that you are a born again, holy spirit-filled Christian.

When I applied to join Daystar, I applied to study for a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. But that was not be....

Part 2 Coming Soon